Saudi Arabia ranks 12th among top US Treasury investors at $ 143.6 billion

Saudi Arabia was the 12th largest investor in US Treasuries by the end of January, with $ 143.6 billion.

Saudi Arabia came after China, Japan, Ireland, Brazil, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India.

According to an analysis by the Economic Reports Unit of Al-Eqtisadiah, which was based on US Treasury data, Saudi Arabia’s stock of US Treasuries increased by 28 percent to 31.3 billion dollars at the end of January, compared with a total of 112.3 million at the end of January 2017. Billion dollar.

Saudi Arabia’s balance of $ 147.6 billion at the end of November 2017 was the highest since the US Treasury Department began announcing detailed data in March 2016.

Saudi Arabia cut its US Treasuries and Treasuries to 143.6 billion by the end of January 2018, from 147.4 billion riyals at the end of December 2017, down 2.6 percent and 3.8 billion dollars in a month.

In 2017, Saudi Arabia bought US $ 9.5 billion in US Treasury bonds, the highest monthly purchases since the US Treasury Department began releasing detailed data for countries.

Saudi investments in treasury bonds only, and do not include Saudi Arabia’s other investments in securities, assets and cash in US dollars.

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